California Budget Challenge


California's 2017-18 Budget Priorities

Each year the Governor and Legislature work together to pass the state’s budget that determines how taxes will be spent on state-funded programs like education, healthcare, and human services. The Challenge is an overview of the tough tradeoffs that the state has to make when it comes to expenditures given a fixed amount of revenue. This year, following the May Revise, the Governor foresees a $200 million shortfall absent corrective policy actions. 

Do you think the state should increase spending for programs that were cut during the recession? Can policy choices be made to make revenues more stable in the future, protecting the state against an economic downturn? What are your budget priorities?
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What are your budget priorities? Start Now!

Where do theses policy options come from?

Budget projections are from the state's Budget Office (Department of Finance) and the state's Legislative Analyst. These estimates are simplified calculations, based on the most current data available and are subject to change. 

About Prop 98

Passed in 1988 by voters, this measure sets a minimum level of funding for education and requires as much as 50% or more of new General Fund revenues to go toward funding education.  
The California Budget Challenge accounts for the Proposition 98 requirements in all of the relevant policy options.